How do you become a Skin Specialist you may ask?

Well, here is my story…..

When I was a teenager I had bright red hair and acne – what a combo that was lol! During those teen years, you wouldn’t believe how many over-the-counter acne products I tried. Most of which simply made it worse or made me look like a ghost, as they tended to be lotions that went onto the skin and then dried to a ‘white chalky’ consistency! Picture that when you are in your formative years! There simply wasn’t good enough ingredients scientifically formulated in skincare at that time, that could tackle acne and that thought stuck with me for the next number of years.

Beauty College beckoned where I found a great mentor in a teacher named Dorothy Baxter who used to work for Estée Lauder. This wonderful teacher passed on her knowledge and experience in the beauty industry and enabled me to discover my passion – SKIN!

‘I literally began mixing my own skincare lotions and potions in my kitchen’

During the next decade I began treating clients with skin problems and at that time there was a lack of skincare companies supplying products to Beauty Therapists and Salons. The local chemist became my supplier of raw materials and I literally began mixing my own skincare lotions and potions in my kitchen to treat different skin concerns. When skincare companies did begin to supply salons, I then easily went from mixing my own ingredients to combining skincare products from different brands. In those years, I tried lots of different skincare ranges to find the ideal one with natural ingredients that could treat acne, rosacea and premature ageing skin.

‘Skin issues are mainly caused by bad chemicals or fragrance in skincare products’

Whilst treating clients with skin problems, it has become scarily apparent to me that a high percentage of skin issues are caused by bad chemicals or fragrance in skincare products. They say ‘experience is everything’ and I believe my experience in treating clients with problem skin has given me immense knowledge to know which ingredients can aggravate skin and which ingredients can actually make skin healthy. I am an extremely lucky woman that has found this passion for skin and am able to continue to treat and advise clients from all over the world.

Information is key to pushing the beauty industry forward and to this end I adore working closely with JL Aestheticians. This passing on of knowledge to these ‘industry experts’ encourages them to educate their clients in the correct ingredient and skincare choice ensuring that everyone is working towards optimum healthy skin.

Joanie Loves was born out of my knowledge and experience to be a skincare range that is age defying, rejuvenating, anti-pollution and for all skin types and concerns. My skincare is cruelty free and often you will see my adorable dogs ‘Snow and Bo’ posing for JL and ensuring we keep to our ‘not tested on animals’ mantra!

One of my passions is scuba diving and I have a massive love for saving our eco system. I have long advocated that we shouldn’t be using products that contain toxic plastic beads and that all plastic used for packaging should be recycled. With this thought in mind, it would be worth noting that blue plastic containers are not easy to recycle and fish in the oceans have been found to be attracted to them. This is the reason why you will only find the use of clear and white recyclable plastic containers for JL.

Finally, you will always see JL at the forefront of the skincare industry as I continue my travels to skin conferences all over the world in search of the latest cutting edge ingredients.

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